My teaching practice utilizes interdisciplinary and conceptual learning frameworks to foster a generative space for learning across levels of undergraduate education. I believe the classroom as offering an incredible opportunity to use my research and training in American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies to provide fundamental discussions on the histories of racism, sexism, classism, and US imperialism and their impacts on everyday experience.

I work to put together course materials that speak to students of varying experience and ability. My teaching goals are to build students’ skills in historical research, give concrete instruction on writing and editing, and teach critical reflection and self-awareness. I have experience with both in-person and online classroom formats. I believe in using integrative tools to facilitate conversations that draw on both course readings and personal observations.

Current Courses

GSF263S: Digital Feminism

GSF273: Gender and Media

WGS200-601: Introduction to Women and Gender Studies [Distance Education Course]

WGS330-601: Women/Gender/Sexuality and Health [Distance Education Course]

WGS390: Queer Theory

Previous Courses

HIST128: American History since 1865 [UNC Correctional Education Course]

GSF361: Money, Sex, Power

GSF202S: Introduction to LGBTQ Studies

AMST202: Historical Approaches to American Studies

WGS300: Current Controversies in Feminism

HST139: Sex and Sexuality in the US since WWII

IDS 202: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies

IDST 89: Me, Myself, and Why: Explorations of Human Identity