Invited Talks


“Stewball: Archives, Longing, and Loss in HBO’s Nuclear Family.” American Association of Geographers, New York, NY, February 2022.

“Inter/views: Queering Postmemory and Re-presenting Violence in Samia Halaby’s Drawing the Kafr Qasem Massacre.” American Studies Association, Honolulu, HI, November 2019.

“Documenting Atlanta’s Queer Pasts through Oral History: A Methodological Conversation between Interviewer and Narrator.” Southeastern American Studies Association, Atlanta, GA, March 2019.

“Reproducing Archive: Building an Oral History Archive of DIY Lesbian and Trans Pregnancy.” American Historical Association, Chicago, IL, January 2019.

“The Settler Violence of a Queer Family Album.” National Women’s Studies Association, Atlanta, GA, November 2018.

“Terezín Art: A (Queer) Family Postmemory.” Past (Im)Perfect Continuous: Trans-Cultural Articulations of the Postmemory of WWII, University of Rome, La Sapienza, 2018.

Panelist for Workshop: “Orality, Affective Power, and Activism: Making Oral History Art.” Oral History Association, Minneapolis, MN, 2017.

“The Furs In The Closet.” Southeastern American Studies Association, Williamsburg, VA, 2017.

“Oral History as Queer Practice: Documenting the Atlanta Lesbian/Feminist Alliance” Gay American History @ 40, New York, 2016.

“Coming Out of Left Movements: Vida, Weatherwomen, and Lesbian Politics.” Feminism Here and Now Conference, Chapel Hill, 2015.

“Wiretaps and WAV Files: Mediations on Oral History, FBI Archives, and the Atlanta Lesbian/Feminist Alliance.” National Women’s Studies Association, Milwaukee, 2015.

“Layers of Return and Reproduction: Terezín Art, Queer Family, and Critical Holocaust Studies.” American Studies Association, Toronto, 2015.

“Bugged By the Past”: A Visit to the ALFA Archives with Vicki Gabriner.” American Historical Association, New York, 2015.



• Panelist for “Teaching Social Science in Prison: Challenges and Rewards,” UNC, The Friday Center for Continuing Education, 2019.

• “Queering Methods, Holding Memories.” UNC, AMS(TED) Talks, Department of American Studies, 2019.

• “Queer Relation.” UNC, Royster Fellowship Lecture Series, 2017.

• “Celebrity Death in American Memory: Prince, Selena, and Queer Loss” UNC, Department of American Studies, 2017.

• “What Are Queer Memory Practices?” UNC, Department of American Studies, 2017.

• “Framing the Past: Terezín Art and Family Memory,” Center for German and European Studies, Brandeis University, 2015.

• Panelist for Holocaust Remembrance Event: Memory and Survival of the Holocaust: Everyday Life in the Terezín Camp in Czechoslovakia, Carolina Center for Jewish Studies, UNC, 2015.


American Studies Association (Students’ Subcommittee Member)

American Historical Association (Member of CLGBTH)

Southeastern American Studies Association

Oral History Association

National Women’s Studies Association

Southeastern Women’s Studies Association